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Nelson proudly delivers to Bloodhound SSC Project

Date Added [28/11/12]

Nelson Tool, working with their sister company Manufax Engineering, have successfully delivered the lower chassis assembly fixture for the Bloodhound SSC project.

The Bloodhound project is an attempt at the land speed record by a team headed  by Sir Richard Noble. The car, currently in manufcature, is anticipated to break the land speed record and go on to exceed 1000 mph. The attempt in 2013 will take place in the Northern Cape in South Africa. The project, co ordinated by Sir Richard and his team is supported wholly by business sponsorship  and is being used as a vehicle to introduce engineering as an exciting and dynamic career choice to school children and to inspire a new generation of engineers. Over 4000 schools have become involved.

Nelson, as a proud product sponsor, have designed manufactured and installed the lower chassis assemly fixture for the project on time.

Full details of the project are avaialble on bloodhoundssc.com.

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